Thursday, 4 April 2013

Top Economics Podcasts

Since starting to take an active interest in Economics, I have found that there is more than enough reading. So in order to make the learning more efficient I suggest podcasting on the go.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of podcasts read this:

Tim Harford: Pop-up Economics gives a really fun and interesting history of the great game changers in economics. He is the presenter of the BBC's More or Less which is also a very insightful podcast where he investigates the numbers used in the news and public debate. He also has a blog Tim Harford The Undercover Economist and as far as economists go he is very interesting and provides easy to digest articles. Tim is well published and well respected in the field. 

NPR’s Planet Money is one of the best podcasts out there, with weekly guests and global views. They present great values and serious economics speak with a light attitude. NPS's team also produces This American Life's: The invention of Money.

If you are looking for further light listening with a educational touch try Freakonomics Radio. The host Stephen Dubner presents a range of topics with a very strange twist, such as discovering why teachers are likely to cheat.

Econ Talk is a much more in-depth look economics issues today. Econ Talk’s host Russ Roberts is a economics professor at George Mason University. Every week Russ picks a different topic and invites an expert on that topic. This is a much more content heavy podcast but gives a large amount of time for explanation of topics. 

Two Radio 4 podcasts I would recommend about business rather than straight economics: Peter Day’s World of Business, which provides an in-depth look at businesses and is recorded on location, a recent episode was recorded in India with the M&M machinery manufacturing company. Evan Davis’s The Bottom Line provides a business analysis and discussion. 
The London School of Economics holds regular public lectures on economics, these can be quite hard to understand at first and are fantastically detailed. It may take some time for you to understand the economics 'jokes'. The events are streamed as podcasts.
If your seeking an American view of business and economics then Bloomberg on the economy with Tom Keene is great. There is a wealth of quality guest interviews and quality analysis. 
If your looking for an Asia Pacific business analysis the Australian Broadcasting Corporation offers a few podcasts. Asia Pacific Business, Radio Australia's is where Karon Snowdon presents a weekly regional report on what's making news in the business world including economic conditions, regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions, and the pitfalls and opportunities of doing business in new markets.
The Australia National University offers a varied collection of public lectures on the region and categories these by the area of study, business and economics.  You may have to do some searching but the pocasts offered are loaded with information. 
If I have missed anything or you have suggestions/comments please let me know. 

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